The maintenance department ensures our district’s schools and buildings are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and safety. The Maintenance Supervisor is Josh Hobbs. If you have any questions you can reach him by email (jhobbs(at)sd148.org).

The Maintenance Department provides general maintenance for 3 schools. The custodial staff at the different buildings are listed below.

Staff Members
Custodial Staff

Josh Hobbs Supervisor

Susan Pitcher Head Custodian

Candice Hulse High School

Linda Mickelson High School

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests are now electronically available for employees within the Grace School District. To make a request you must have a valid Grace School District email address and follow these steps:

  1. Log into your School email account using Google Chrome at http://mail.sd148.org. Note that Internet Explorer on Windows XP will not work.
  2. Once your logged in, click on the following link: Maintenance Requests
  3. Clicking on the previous link will allow you to fill out the form which includes the building you are requesting for, the location or room number, a description of your request, your name and how urgent the request.
  4. Click Submit to send your request to our maintenance department.

You will have an option to have a copy of the response emailed to you as a record. This is done by clicking on the box by the Submit button (Send me a copy of my responses). All fields with an asterisk (*) are required before you can submit the form. If you have questions about filling this form out and you have followed the above instructions, feel free to contact the District Tech for help.

Sample image of the maintenance form